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Custom built homes in Kauai!

Building a new home is such a great adventure! Over the years, you've created a picture in your mind of what your dream home would look like, but in today's world of "cookie cutter" houses, it's tough to find a builder who will stray from the pre-fabricated blueprints. Taylor Construction Inc. is different. We understand that you want to show your own unique style when it comes to building your perfect home. Our amazing team of architects, builders, and designers are at your service, helping you to make a home truly yours by involving you in the entire process from design to finished product. We'll help you turn your dream home into a stunning reality.


When it comes to professionalism and experience, nobody does it better than Taylor Construction Inc. With years of experience working right here in Hanalei, we know all of the latest building techniques and code requirements that make for exceptional building services. We have the knowledge and dedication to take a project from paper to finished product using only the best materials and equipment. We take great pride in our work, and we'll always finish your project on time and within your budget.


Whether you're looking to build a beautiful new home from the ground up or you're looking to remodel your existing home, Taylor Construction Inc. can accomplish exactly what you need. We offer custom home building and residential remodeling services, as well as custom commercial building and remodeling. Bring your ideas to our exceptional design team and we'll get started on your custom project today!

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Your dream home is just a phone call away! Whether you're ready to get started on your custom building project or just want to run some ideas by our design team, call Taylor Construction Inc. today at 808-828-1981. You can trust our amazing team of builders and designers to create the most beautiful custom home and remodeling projects in Kauai. We're looking forward to helping your dreams come true, so give us a call today!
Custom built homes in Hanalei, HI
Call us today at 808-828-1981
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